Delighting your customer is not rocket science

In the beginning of July I attended a seminar about radical management by Steve Denning and Peter Stevens. The seminar was arranged by Zilverline the entire evening was a very inspirational experience. Most of the information that was presented was not new for me, but getting it presented by the likes of Steve Denning and Peter Stevens was quite the thrill for me.

During the afternoon and evening multiple topics were discussed, the focus being mostly on story telling and making the switch from traditional management to a mindset were the organization focusses on delighting their customers. This latter topic was what kept running circles in my mind in the days after the seminar. Of course everybody knows that it is important to look at customer satisfaction, but delighting your customer is more than that. Customer satisfaction is what customers expect. Customer delight is what surprises customers in a positive way. Customers that are delighted will become part of your marketing team by telling other people how they were delighted by you.

So the definition of delighting your customer is simple, surprise them with something unexpected, creating the wow effect for the customer.

Now for an example. The idea for this blog post popped up into my mind after reading Steve Denning’s blog post on forbes (Starbucks: There is no such thing as unskilled labor). It reminded me of an experience that I just had earlier that week with a local bike shop which I would like to share with you on this blog.