I am a Stoosian…. and proud of it!

So I claim to be a Stoosian. I already hear all of you thinking “What the …. is a stoosian?!”. Well to explain that I will first have to explain what Stoos is.

In January 2012 a group of 21 people gathered together in a Swiss ski resort in a small place called Stoos. This group of people consisted of the major thought leaders on management practices, being:

  • Catherine Louis
  • Deborah Hartmann Preuss
  • Esther Derby
  • Franz Röösli
  • Jay Cross
  • John Styffe
  • Jonas Vonlanthen
  • Julian Birkinshaw
  • Jurgen Appelo
  • Kati Vilkki
  • Klaus Leopold
  • Melina McKim
  • Michael Spayd
  • Peter Hundermark
  • Peter Stevens
  • Rod Collins
  • Roy Osherove
  • Sanjiv Augustine
  • Simon Roberts
  • Steve Denning
  • Uli Loth