Challenged by the team…

codingDuring a retrospective a while ago I asked the team “What can I do so that you can do your work better?”.

Initially people did not really know what to say and came up with some small suggestions . These were still good suggestions but not quite what I was looking for. Until a few days later one of the team members suggested “If you want to know in which area to coach us, how about joining us as a developer for a sprint”.

I immediately liked the idea. I have been working as a developer for this same company in the past so the technology they use is not completely new for me, but still I see it as a huge challenge. The last time I did some considerate amount of coding (apart from some pet projects) was about 5 years ago, since then I have been involved in management related roles. So my coding skills are probably a bit rusty.

Nevertheless I feel flattered that the team asked me to do this, so at the start of the next release (in a few weeks) I will be putting my management hat aside for a moment and will wear the developer hat for a sprint.

To make it even more interesting and useful I have thought of the idea to be at the office in L’viv with our Ukrainian team members for the full length of this sprint.

I am totally psyched about this plan and plan to hit the ground running so my team members will need to brace themselves because they will get the most motivated team member they have ever seen!

I will be keeping a journal about this experience so keep an eye out for it on this blog or my twitter account :).

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