Everybody wants to be a master

YodaEverybody has probably been or seen in this situation, a person in a company is not performing up to the expectations. Most of the times people put this down to the capabilities of the person, but is this really the cause?

Most organisations and especially managers stop at this conclusion and the next thing that happens is that the employee hears during his annual review that he is not performing well enough, no bonus, no growth path, no trainings, but instead of that the fear of losing his job.

As a manager you should question yourself, is this what I want to achieve? Do I want this person to sit behind his desk feeling miserable with the feeling that he is not good at his job, or do I want to help this person and with that the company to put the skills that he does have to the best of use.

What if we would assume that everybody has a specialty, something that the person wants to be a master at? Many people will disagree but in my opinion everybody wants to be good at something and get satisfaction out of being good in it.

That person in the corner behind his desk doing nine to five every day, the demotivated office clerk, or even the person collecting the trash. Any single one of them wants to be good at something. It might not be the job which the person is employing at the moment, it might not even be a job in your organization, but every person is a specialist at something, an area that the person wants to master when given the opportunity.

Management is no longer about directing people, it is more and more about facilitating and coaching people. Help them find the skills that they want to master and work with them to help them to find a position in the business world that they can master. Most preferably within your own organization.

But even if there is no suitable job available within your organization, helping your employees to realise what it is they want to do will help them find that job, then at least you will be parting on good terms instead of a sour taste on both ends after numerous of negative performance reviews for a job that the person doesn’t even like anyway.


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