New year resolutions

newyearSo it is 2012 now. A new year has started and people usually make new years resolutions for the new year. Most of the time they just drop these within a few days or weeks after the start of the new year.

I have other plans for my new year resolutions, I plan to fulfill all of them this year. Hopefully next year I will look back at this and will look at this list and can confirm that I achieved everything.

So for my new year resolutions:

  • Blog more often. I feel that my work experiences are worth sharing and that it helps me to gain insights to improve myself and just maybe it could also help other people who run into the same things as I do.
  • Delegate more. I am terrible at delegating work, even when I need to book a flight or hotel for one of my employees I do it myself. So for this year I plan to leave this to the people who got hired for it and who I should trust to do it.
  • Surround myself with people that share the same passion for work. I love my work and I am very passionate about it and I want to see that around me every day. I get goosebumps when one of my team members comes to me with something awesome they did or some great idea that they have and have that twinkle in their eyes when they explain it to me.
  • Give my first public Agile or SCRUM training this year. Last year I already gave a few extensive SCRUM trainings inside our own company to groups of 8 to 10 people. For this year my goal is to give at least one public training before the end of the year.
  • Start running again. I used to run. In the past I did about 20 – 30 kilometers a week. I at least want to start it again this year and see to which level I can get.
  • Read more. I have a big pile of work related books and magazines that I never got around to read because of the big workload at the office. This will change this year, I will make more time to clear my mind from the daily work and to gain new insights and gather more knowledge.
  • Have fun. Life and work should be about fun. I admit that working is a big part of my life, I cannot imagine myself not working. Even if I would win the lottery I would still keep working. But both in your work and outside of it fun should be an important factor.
I guess this should be enough for 2012 for now. Let’s see if I can accomplish this within a year.

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