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My first introduction to agile

Today I was driving home after a two day Certified SCRUM Product Owner training. During this two day training I met a lot of new people, people who were unlike me, completely new to SCRUM. In the discussions and the questions that they had I recognized a lot of situations I encountered when starting with SCRUM. I heard a lot of comments like “Our organization just won’t work that way” or “It all sounds nice but won’t work in reality.”

While driving home I was thinking about how I got first introduced to SCRUM and what my first responses were.

In 2006 I was working for one of the top 3 internet development companies in The Netherlands. The company was working in a very traditional way. First concept & design would create the look and feel for the web project, then  information analysts would create the functional design. After the functional design was completed the software architect would create a technical design and after completing that, the developers would start working for several months to complete the functionality and then the test coordinator could let his team test everything. My role in this entire process was to be the information analyst who writes the functional design.