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Introducing development process and practices, top down or bottom up?

devpracticesWhile writing this blog post I am in a restaurant in the Vienna airport killing time until my next flight to L’viv will depart.

The reason why I am going to L’viv is to pay one of my regular visits to the near shore development company from which we hire a number of developers for our teams. I will be staying in L’viv to conduct job review meetings, job interviews with new candidates and of course socializing with our Ukrainian employees.

The last time that I visited this company there was a company wide meeting about their CMMI level 3 implementation. One of the procedures they were discussing during this meeting is that all teams, regardless of the project, technology or team members will use the same development process and practices up to details like using pair programming or not. This is quite the opposite of how I think an agile organization should be run.