The CEO does not need training

Education is a very important part of a business that is continually changing like the magical world of software development always is.

Fortunately for all the IT professionals in  the business many companies acknowledge this and have training budgets available to make sure that we are all kept up to date with the latest technologies and procedures. In the more structured companies this is even part of the evaluation of personel.

One group of “employees” however is always overlooked when it comes to education, namely the upper management of the organization. In many cases it seems like most CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s and other C level management seems to think “I am in charge, I know everything already”.

Even though the most important role of the management of an organization is to put the right people on the right places this does not mean that they don’t have to be up to date with the latest developments regarding their work area. Of course this does not mean that the CEO needs to attend a ruby on rails training but at least he or she should know the reasons why the company has chosen certain directions.

Besides the obvious need to know the reasons behind the core activities of a company it is also important to keep the management skills up to date. Just look at the way companies are managed nowadays compared to for example 15 to 20 years ago and you will see the need to constantly improve management skills and adapt to the changes in the business.

Unfortunately training the C level management of an organization is usually forgotten, which is a shame because you can have all the technical skills within your company that you can imagine, if nobody is able to manage it correctly it all goes to waste.

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